Company History

CP Company, a privately owned corporation, was originally founded as a holding company in 1985, and has owned and operated various businesses. 


Chairman  is Thomas C. Fries. 

President and CEO is J. Spencer Dietrich.

Today, CP Company is doing business as:


C T Power
CP Company acquired the Carrier Transicold transport refrigeration  franchise in 1986, and established CT Power, Inc.  CT Power has
branches in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada and Arizona.  Service sites in  Kingman, Arizona and Greeley, Colorado augment branch-facility mobile-service  capabilities by putting parts and service technicians where customer demand  warrants.


Iceberg Enterprises
CP Company responded to the need for temporary cold storage in the refrigeration industry by building a large fleet of rental trailers which began operating under its own name “Iceberg Rentals” in 1995.  In 2000, more ancillary products were beginning to be added and the name was changed to Iceberg Enterprises, Inc. As a sister operation to CT Power, Iceberg Enterprises has grown, but stays focused on supporting CT Power and Carrier Transicold as our core business.  



Today CP Company, through its combined operations, provides one of the most comprehensive sales and support solutions for transportation related customers offering transport refrigeration, trailer leasing, new trailers, telematics, auxillary power units, yard trucks, liftgates, bodies, green technologies, bus and cab a/c.