Denver: Careers

**The Parts Counterman provides customer service and parts to maintain and repair equipment for the service department, supports the sales department with the necessary supplies offered with new and used equipment and handles walk in and phone parts sales. This position involves thorough knowledge of specialty parts and tools in order to enhance customer requirements with their needed repairs or refurbishments to trucks, trailers, refrigeration units and all other product lines supported by the company.






**A refrigeration mechanic is chiefly responsible for the maintenance and repair of refrigeration systems in commercial trucks. This type of work involves the use of special equipment and tools to install the refrigeration system, following manufacturer instructions, drawings and management direction. Refrigerator components must be connected to power sources, ducts and refrigerant lines. After installing these components, the refrigeration technician tests the unit to ensure that it is functioning properly.





**The Truck Mechanic repairs trucks, trailers and other motorized company vehicles. Mechanics repair virtually any part on the vehicle or specialize in trucking or refrigeration mechanics. This type of work involves use of special equipment and tools to perform inspections and needed repairs or refurbishments to trucks and trailers. The mechanic will also test and verify that all repairs function properly.