Gap Fairing

Aerodynamic Profile Increases Fuel Efficiency

This fairing will save 1-2% for the most efficient aerodynamic and gap specifications used by today’s long haul tractors. These savings can double if your trucks lack optimized aerodynamics and/or run a large gap setting.

Standard Features
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Features and Benefits 


  • Independently verified fuel savings of up to 2%
    • Multiple independent third party fuel tests including a U.S. DOE- sponsored SAE/TMC J1321 testing procedure conducted at the TRC test track 
    • Reduction in fuel consumption increases to 6% overall when combined with belly fairing 
  • Technology recognized and highly rated by the EPA SmartWaySM Transport Partnership 
  • Designed for use with aerodynamic sleepers and day cabs
  • Visible demonstrates a company's commitment to improving the environment and reducing harmful emissions 
  • Compatible design fits most dry van trailers
    • Installs in 2-3 man hours 
    • Trailer face remains open to allow easy access to back of cab and line hook-ups
    • Unit weight = 75 lbs
  • One year warranty 



  • Lightweight Thermoplastic PolyOlefin (TPO) panels
  • All supporting components protected from corrosion
  • All materials 100% recyclable with high cost recovery

Colors & Graphics

  • White
  • Custom colors available with 25 unit minimum
  • Graphic options from small stickers to full wraps

Fuel Savings

  • 2% Independently verified via SAE/TMC J1321 Type II testing
  • 1-3% Savings measured in fleet operations


  • EPA SmartWay verified in the trailer gap reducer category
  • Meets CARB trailer requirements when combined with an EPA verified trailer side skirt

Unity Weight

  • 55 lbs. for standard unit


  • Height of the unit is 90.97” and the width is 91.7"