Value-packed performance and reliability for small delivery vehicles.

Carrier Transicold provides a complete line of industry leading transport temperature control and auxiliary products and solutions.

Standard Features
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Standard Features Include:

  • Durable DuraShell™ damage-resistant composite skins
  • SlimLine™ evaporator
  • CAB COMMAND™ Digital Display
  • 8 CID (131 cc) six-cylinder swash plate compressor
  • Refrigerant-404A
  • Brushless Evaporator Fan Motor
  • Condenser shutoff valve for superior heating and rapid defrost
  • Installation Package with SureTight™ refrigerant hoses and hose clamps
  • EasyReach™ condenser.
  • Durable DuraShell™ composite skin.
  • Extra-flat SlimLine™ evaporator.
  • 8 CID (131 cc) six-cylinder swash plate compressor.
  • Double-A groove clutch.
  • Refrigerant-R-404A.
  • Brushless evaporator fan motor.
  • Hot gas defrost.
  • Hot gas heating.
  • Condenser valve enhanced heating circuit.
  • Refrigerant injector.
  • Roofmount installation kit.
  • Low refrigerant pressure protection.
  • High refrigerant pressure protection.
  • Microprocessor control system.
    • CAB COMMAND™ remote control center.
    • Red light visual warning (in cab).
    • Main On/Off system power keys.
    • Timed defrost interval.
    • Manual defrost key.
    • Diagnostic safety indicators.
    • Frozen range lockout.
  • Digital readout.
    • CAB COMMAND™ (in cab).
    • Adjustable display brightness.
    • Current and stored alarms.
  • Automatic defrost control.
    • Programmable defrost timer.
    • Automatic defrost termination.
    • Manual defrost override.
  • Installation package.
    • Refrigerant discharge muffler.
    • SureTight™ refrigerant hoses.
    • SureTight™ hose clamps.

Accessories and Options:
Poly-V groove clutch
Variable groove clutch
Rear port adapter

Approximate Weights:
Condenser 66 lb (30 kg)
Evaporator 37 lb (17 kg)