Supra 560

A breakthrough in performance and reliability for small to medium-sized trucks.

Supra 560 is specifically designed for the safe, reliable transport of perishable, and frozen food.  Supra 560 offers proven reliability, low noise, and the best overall performance wrapped in a sleek aesthetic design.  Exceptional reliability ensures the lowest overall cost to operate.  Extended service intervals for maximum asset utilization.  Low-noise operation so that you can operate at all hours.  High capacity and airflow for maximum product protection.  Microprocessor controls that are powerful yet easy to operate.

Standard Features
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Detailed Specifications
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  •  CT2-29 TriVortex diesel engine
  • 05K 12 2-cylinder compresspr
  • Long ife spin-on lube oil filter
  • Long life maintenance-free evaporator fan motors
  • Automatic hot-gas heating system
  • Refrigerant R-404A
  • Three-way refrigeration valve system
  • Standard with electric standby (model TDS)
    • Heavy-duty electric standby motor:  208v/230v-3ph-60hz
    • Remote-mount power receptacle
  • Microprocessor control system
    • CAB COMMAND remote control center
    • Critical Cargo Monitor (in cab)
    • Audible temperature alarm (in cab)
    • Red light visual warning alarm (in cab)
    • Automatic pretrip system
    • Lighted CAB COMMAND keys
    • Main on/off switch system power switch
  • Display indicators
    • Cool-Heat-Defrost
    • Start/Stop-Out of Range
    • Engine Operation-Electric Standby
  • Digital readout
    • CAB COMMAND (in cab)
    • Engine coolant temperature
    • Unit suction pressure
    • Battery voltage
    • Engine run hours
    • Electric standby hours
    • Maintenance interval hours
    • Total on-time hours
    • Setpoint temperature
    • Box return-air temperature
  • Automatic Start/Stop fuel sensor
  • City Speed control
  • Automatic defrost control
  • Extended-life antifreeze
  • High coolant temperature protection
  • High-power 70-amp alternator
  • Heavy-duty dry air cleaner
  • Low engine oil protection
  • High refrigerant pressure protection
  • Low refrigerant pressure protection
  • Receiver tank pressure relief
  • Bottom panel
  • Installation package
    • Electric fuel pump
    • Fuel lines
    • Battery cables
    • Installation hardware
    • Fuel tank pickup tubes



Battery (dealer supplied)

Battery Box

30-gallon fuel tank

50-gallon fuel tank

Fuel heater

Top debris protection grille

Supply-air control

Stealth noise reduction kit

Host system door shutdown switch

Water and electric heat systems

Condenser Dimensions: 71.7" x 31.1" x 21.8" (1,823 x 791 x 555 mm)
Evaporator Dimensions: 48.2" x 21.6" x 11.4" (1,225 x 550 x 290 mm)
Body Opening: 49.0" x 12.2" (1,245 x 310 mm)
Approximate Weights:
TDB-13: 806 lb (365 kg) without standby
TDS-13: 850 lb (385 kg) with standby
Cooling/Temperature Capacity: Ambient at 100°F (38°C), Speed: 2,300 rpm diesel/60-hertz electric operation