Supra S8

The Supra® is synonymous with reliability. Our next-generation units build on that tradition by delivering performance that sets the new standard.

  • The Supra® S8 Unit - When you need a reliable solution for refrigerated transport of perishable and frozen foods in large-medium to large trucks, you need a unit you can trust. The Supra® S8 unit delivers the powerful performance, capacity, and efficiency you’ve come to expect from a name that’s been trusted for decades. We’ve taken one of the industry’s most proven diesel truck refrigeration platforms and made it leaner, smarter, and filled with powerful advantages for fleets of all sizes.
  • Innovative Design - Not only does the new Supra® S8 unit look great on the outside with its aerodynamic body and sleek composite paneling, but the internal systems have also been redesigned to make it lighter, quieter and more efficient.
  • APX™ Control System - Powered by the latest operating system that combines remarkable control intelligence, temperature control and system reliability with amazingly simple operation for drivers, fleet managers and warehouse personnel.
  • Lower-Noise Performance - Up to 3dbA quieter than our prior model on the base truck unit. Additional sound reduction available with the optional Stealth™ kit.

Standard Features
Available Options
Detailed Specifications
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Standard Features Include:

  • Tier 4 Final D-722 smart diesel engine,
    • 3 cylinder
    • Electronic controls
  • High-power 110-amp alternator
  • ESI (Extended Service Interval) package
    • 2,000-hour service interval
    • Multistage, synthetic media oil filter
    • Water-separating fuel filter
    • Heavy-duty, low-noise dry air cleaner
    • Extended-life coolant
  • 05K12, 2-cylinder compressor
    • 12.2 in3 displacement
  • Refrigerant R-452A, 6.6 lb (3 kg)
  • High-efficiency refrigeration system
    • Electronic suction modulation valve
    • Brazed plate heat exchanger
    • Automatic start/stop fuel saver
    • Three-way refrigeration valve system
    • High-efficiency microchannel condenser
  • Maintenance-free electric condenser fan
  • Maintenance-free evaporator fan motors
  • Automatic hot-gas heating system
  • APX Control System
    • Data recorder
    • Automated pretrip with component-level fault detection
    • On-board diagnostics with visual
    • indicator and audible alarm
    • Setpoint and operating mode locking
    • Smart door switch logic
    • Programmable FreshProtect
    • perishable protection system
  • City speed control (quieter operation)
  • Automatic defrost control
    • Cab Command™ Controller
      • Intuitive controls
      • Digital readout
      • Setpoint/operating mode
      • Supply air temperature
      • Ambient temperature
      • Hour meters (switch on, diesel,
        standby, maintenance)
  • Top grille
  • Bottom panel
  • Installation package


Accessories and Options:

  • Lynx Fleet™ telematics platform
  • DataTrak™
  • 460V/3ph/60Hz electric standby
  • Electric standby standard with
    model TDS-56
    • 208V/230V/3ph/60Hz
  • Battery box (separate from truck)
  • 30-gallon fuel tank (center fill or end fill)
  • 50-gallon fuel tank
  • Remote temperature sensor
  • Open door shutdown switch
  • Fuel sensor
  • Stealth™ Noise Reduction
  • Auxiliary heat systems
  • Fuel heater
  • Remote light bar
  • Snow/rain cover
  • Oil drain adapter


Condenser Dimensions:

75.4" x 32.1" x 24.2"   (1,914 x 815 x 615 mm)


Evaporator Dimensions:

48.2" x 21.7" x 11.4"    (1,225 x 550 x 290 mm)


Body Opening:

49.0" x 12.2"    (1,245 x 310 mm)


Approximate Weight: 

TDB-58: 865 lb. (393 kg) without standby

TDS-58: 960 lb. (436 kg) with electric standby


Cooling Capacity:

Ambient at 100°F (38°C)

Speed: 2,100 rpm diesel/60-Hz elecric operation


Evaporator Airflow:

1,500 cfm (2,548 m3/hr)


Return Air Temp.

Diesel Operation Standby Operation
BTU/hr Watts BTU/hr Watts

35°F (2°C) 22,000 6,448 20,000 5,861
0°F (-18°C) 14,000 4,103 13,000 3,810
-20°F (-29°C) 8,500 2,491 7,000 2,051