Quietly delivering the next generation of reliability and performance in style.

No longer available; Please see X4 7300


X2 Series.  The proven reliability and low cost operation of the X Series platform engineered into a durable, sleek deisgn.

Lower lifecyle cost achieved by Extended Service Intervals (ESI) and durable industry-leading engine, compressor, and microprocessor controller.

Bold, dramatic, styling features damage and dirt resistant, colorfast composite doors.

Best-in-class capacity and airflow ensures dependable operation and optimum temperature control over a wide range of applications.

Quiet operation features aero-acoustically designed grille and doors, coupled with extremely low RPM operation that also extends component life.

Fuel-efficient components and refined microprocessor logic ensure lowest fuel use.

Standard Features
Available Options
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Standard Features Include:
CT4-114TV diesel engine
  1.9 liter indirect-injection
  4 cylinders
  15 qt. (14.2 liter) oil capacity
05G-37CFM compressor
  37 CFM displacement
  6 cylinders
  High capacity oil pump
Refrigerant R-404A
UltraFresh 2™ temperature control
Automatic Start/Stop fuel saver
High-power 65-amp alternator
Remote aluminum fuel tank
  50-gal. single-fill – 22"
Durashell 2™ composite doors
Single latch release
Automatic hot gas heating system
Pressurized coolant system
Automatic defrost control
TurboAir™ management system
Screw-post battery terminals
Microprocessor control system
  Automatic pretrip
  Self diagnostics
  Digital function displays
ESI™ (Extended Service Interval) package
  Multistage, synthetic media oil filter
  Water-separating fuel filter
  Heavy-duty, low-noise dry air cleaner
  Extended-life antifreeze
Installation package

Accessories and Options:
DataTrak™ remote communications
Open door shutdown switches
Fuel heater
Synthetic engine oil
Evaporator drain line extensions
Silicone hoses
Remote light bar
Remote temperature probe
Stealth 2™ noise reduction package
Stud-post battery terminals
Unit impact protection bumpers
Microprocessor impact protection bumper
High-power 105-amp alternator
Extra-heavy-duty suction side fuel filter
Door locks
Chrome grille/stainless latch package
Custom color paint
Condenser bug/hail screen
DataLink™ data recorder
  DataLink open door indicator switch
Flush-mount remote control panel
Remote aluminum fuel tanks:
  30-gal. or 50-gal. single-fill – 18"
  30-gal. or 75-gal. single-fill – 22"
  100-gal. single- or double-fill – 22"
  120-gal. single- or double-fill – 22"

Condenser Dimensions:  76.4" x 85.7" x 22.8", (1,940 x 2,176 x 579 mm)
Evaporator Dimensions:  66.3" x 45.2" x 8.2", (1,684 x 1,149 x 280 mm)
Body Opening:  66.8" x 46.0", (1,696 x 1,168 mm)
Approximate Weight:  1800: 1,625 lb. (737 kg), Remote 50-gal. aluminum fuel tank: 65 lb. (29 kg), Battery: 50 lb. (23 kg)
Cooling/Temperature Capacity:  Ambient at 100°F (38°C),

Speed: 1,700 rpm diesel